James Clerk Maxwell Science Centre

Built in 2006 by Edinburgh architects Lorn Macneal, this sandstone, glass and zinc building has a stunning glass-fronted double-height foyer that lets light flood into the space. The lofty dimensions, light space and natural ventilation make this an ideal space for drinks receptions and evening gatherings. The foyer also has its own piece of the Amazon right here in Edinburgh - tropical freshwater fish native to South America housed in a four-metre long aquarium tank set into the wall. Though originally intended for ‘biological study’ they make for a great talking point.

The Foyer can be hired with any combination of other spaces on the Henderson Row site (or combined with those on the Arboretum Road site, whatever takes your fancy) as part of your event, or can be styled as your centrepiece venue.

Key Features

  • 150 Max Capacity
  • Glass-fronted double height foyer with impressive dimensions and contemporary design.
  • Rooflights that open to let in cool air when sensors are triggered by a rise in temperature.
  • Four-metre long freshwater aquarium housing over a metric tonne of water and a variety of fish. Look out for the smallest one - a Slender Heniodus called Billy!

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