Our Gym in the Sports Centre is light-filled, airy and spacious. Windows on every side allow views over the Arboretum grounds (and provide a welcome distraction, maybe?). You can come here and work out alone, with a team or with one of our personal trainers. With a huge choice of cardio, functional and resistance equipment, there’s something to keep everyone happy (well, out of breath).

Sweat it out...

One-to-one coaching

Team training

Group classes


Cardio session

Cardio exercise is great for heart-health, improving your metabolic function and, done at a high enough intensity, burns fat like crazy. It also gives your mind a boost - movement gets the endorphins pumping as much as your heart. The Gym has treadmills, rowing machines and exercise bikes to make your cardio dreams come true, as well as plenty of space for some punishing burpees, inchworms and sit-ups.



Functional training

Functional training is all about improving the strength, coordination and movement of your whole body. You could be working out this way to improve your general stamina and fitness, or because you are looking to improve performance in a particular sport. This type of training engages multiple muscle groups in one movement and challenges your stability and balance, often using free-weights or bodyweight. We’ve got everything from kettlebells to sandbags and medicine balls to TRX kit to support your functional training.



Resistance work

Nothing beats resistance work for improving strength, increasing bone density and getting toned muscles. It’s also great for better general health and fitness and lifting bigger weights gives a real sense of achievement. We have resistance bands, free weights, dumbbells and resistance machinery, plus a dedicated team on site to advise on form, breath work and building up slowly to higher weights.




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