Climbing Wall

Our Climbing Wall in the Sports Centre offers challenges for beginner to intermediate climbers. It features 24 graded routes, changed every few months to keep things interesting, a testing overhang, abseil platform and a boulder wall section for free-climbing.

Hang tough...

Harness Climb

Free climb


Lead climb

Individual Climb

Climbing is a great full body workout. You don’t need to be strong to start off, but you’ll build strength with regular climbing. For beginners, this is a perfect environment to get started with a choice of easier routes and jug holds (big, easy to grip handles) to help build confidence. But other routes are not as easy and the overhang and free-climb offer a greater challenge for a more experienced climber. Whatever your level, and whether you’re climbing for fun or fitness, or a bit of both, our team is on hand to help guide you and make sure you’re safe.


Instructor Led Session

If you are a climbing instructor and want a place to take new recruits through their paces, give our Wall a try. With different routes for different abilities and bouldering, free-climbing and overhang challenges thrown in, there’s something to stretch everyone. You can just hire the space and take it from there, or partner with us to deliver a course and benefit from advertising to our community.


Birthday Parties

‘They were climbing the walls…’ You must have said it before? Make it so, but in a good way! The Climbing Wall is perfect for children’s birthday parties. Either book a session and supervise the climb yourself or hire the room and an instructor. You can also hire our studio for some after-climbing cake and candles. There’s enough room for 12 children. Did we mention the room is practically sound-proofed?



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