Pro Patria Mori

The Edinburgh Academy at war 1914 - 1918

In 2015, Contingent Commander Sarah Heintze, helped by dedicated members of the Academical community, published Pro Patria Mori: The Edinburgh Academy at War 1914-18, in commemoration of the Academicals who made great sacrifices.

This poignant book includes the individual stories of those who fought in the Great War and provides great insight into what faced our alumni.

A donation from every book sold will be sent to the 2021 Poppy Appeal.  

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Pro Patria Mori: The Edinburgh Academy at war 1914 - 1918 was created by "The 'War Cabinet' of volunteers who, over a two year period, painstakingly researched and wrote about their allocated 'lost boys' are collectively responsible for bringing the stories of this ill-fated generation back to life." 

With thanks to: 
Sara Heintze, Executive Editor 
Alan Fyfe, Associate Editor
Andrew McMillan, Honorary Archivist
Cameron Cochrane
Rob Cowie
Griselda Fyfe
Nigel Malcolm-Smith
David Standley

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