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What is a Flexi Pass?
We are offering an exciting new service where you are in the driving seat, allowing you to pick and choose the days and sessions which your child will take part. Available on our Multi-Activity Sports Camp. There is the flexibility to choose one day or every day of the holiday, morning, evening or full day. 

Get your game on…
Sports, games and activities with a festive twist.
Our winter camps are extra special with magic in the air. The children will take part in eight different activities a day, each Christmas themed. They get to play lots of different types of sports; take part in arts and craft activities, treasure hunts and board games; and use up their last stores of energy in team games like Capture the Flag, Run the Gauntlet and Thunderball. The camp has a relaxed and friendly vibe to give the children a chance to run around and have fun with friends old and new.

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Flexi Pass - Multi-Activity Full Day

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Your child will get to try out eight different activities a day, with time in between to chill out, have a snack and chat. The day is split into blocks - two activities, then a break for a snack or lunch - ending with an energetic group game. The camp leaders will have a plan for each day, but this will be flexible depending on the weather and the the wishes of the participants. Here's what your children could be getting up to:

Sports: tennis, football, hockey, mini-golf, basketball, volleyball, badminton, curling, athletics.

Challenges: hunger games, capture the flag, thunderball, tig tournaments, treasure hunts.

Activities: arts and crafts, board games.

Group games: mat races, touch blue, circle games, red red river, run the gauntlet.

The Multi-Activity Camp team combines the familiar faces of full-time Sports Centre staff and visiting seasonal sports coaches. Our full-time staff offer continuity from camp to camp (for both parents and children) and our visiting professionals bring fresh energy and expertise in a range of different sports - they might know some new team games too! All the team have completed their extended education in sports coaching, have lots of experience of working with children and have a huge knowledge and enthusiasm for all different sports.

Participants should wear comfortable clothes for running around in, a water bottle (we can top these up through the day), and a snack.

Who’s running the camp?
Our camps are run by in-house AccessEA staff and specialist providers. All are PVG approved and have wide experience of working with children and young people. Each camp will have a Head Coach or Camp Leader, and a team to help them deliver each activity and make sure there is an appropriate ratio of adults to children.

There will also be a Camp Manager on site, looking after the general running of each camp. They are the central point of contact for any questions about camps or about your child. It might not always be possible to talk to Head Coaches, Camp Leaders and other staff as they will be in the thick of delivering activities or looking after other children.

What should my child wear?
We recommend that children come dressed in comfy clothes that you don’t mind them getting dirty! They are going to be running around all day and might be doing things like painting, so no ‘best’ outfits. Please make sure all clothing is named and that your child brings home all their bits and pieces at the end of the day. It's very difficult for us to locate lost property once children have left camp!

Does my child need to bring food and drink?
Yes. They need to bring all their snacks, plus lunch if it’s a full day camp. The specific Camp info will tell you whether they need lunch or not. Pack lots of snacks as they are going to be active all the time they are at camp! No nuts please, we need to keep anyone with allergies safe and sound.

Children should also bring a water bottle, which they can refill throughout the day.

We don’t have a fridge to keep lunches in, so we’d recommend putting your child’s lunch in a cool bag or adding in a frozen carton of drink to keep everything cool. Please remind your children to resist sharing food (even though everyone else’s lunch always looks better right?) as other children might have allergies your child doesn’t know about.

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