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Adventure Camp Age 10 - 13

1 week camp

Enjoy the great outdoors
Muddy knees guaranteed
A week of fun learning new skills, brushing up on old skills and learning what skills are needed to survive outdoors. When you say ‘bushcraft’ or survival skills’ most people think of an extreme set of skills required to survive an arctic winter or getting lost in the Australian outback. Survival skills can be simply broken down into the need for water, shelter and food. Additional skills like the fundamentals of first aid, signalling for help, teamwork and using the available tools and materials to hand are also extremely useful.

Adventure Camp finishes at 5pm, however, all children are welcome to join our Multi-Activity Camp till 6pm, allowing you to pick up anytime between 5pm - 6pm. The session will be flexible depending on your child's interests, including fun games, quieter activities and the chance to wake up or wind down. 

Drop Off: Edinburgh Academy Sports Hub, 10 Arboretum Road, EH3 5PL £165.00

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Adventure Camp - Age 10 - 13

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Day 1 - We’ll start the week with survival games! This will lead us on building shelters and learning the different methods of fire lighting and making your own tinder.

Day 2 - Archery; learning new target skills and how to do field archery by setting up a range and targets.

Day 3 - Ropes; learn a range of simple knots skills, allowing you to build simple structures like frames for water filters or ballistas. The second activity will be tracking and signalling, where you can track down the opposition by following the tracking signs.

Day 4 - Tool use; Starting with some basic first aid (just in case) and moving onto saws, splitters and knife use. We’ll process some wood and make a carved bead or mushroom.

Day 5 - Fire Challenge; Using limited resources can you keep a fire lit long enough to toast marshmallows and cook popcorn. Then we’ll have some fun with ballistas using our rope and test fire them.

Julie Browne: Owner & founder of Dragon Adventures Ltd.

Julie has a number of years experience as a multi activity outdoor instructor delivering activities such as axe throwing, archery and bushcraft. She has worked with children and adults from diverse backgrounds including working with those with additional support needs.  Julie’s passion lies with wood and tool use.

Julie is an Associate Professional in Outdoor Learning (APOL), Archery GB instructor and European Ropes Course Association instructor. She also runs a first aid training business.

Julie works alongside two qualified instructors. Ben, who is passionate about archery and Lynne, who is a master chief when it comes to bushcraft food. 

  • Dress for an adventurous day outdoors boots or wellingtons are preferable as we cross the sports field a number of times during the day.
  • Depending on the weather shorts are acceptable, everyone should have waterproof trousers and jacket and a spare layer in a bag.
  • Thin layers are better than 1 thick layer to allow your child to regulate their temperature.
  • Also essential are snacks and  water bottle.
  • Medication such as asthma inhalers or allergy medication. 
  • All clothing should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and be prepared for your child to get dirty so no ‘best’ outfits please.