Photography Age 11 - 13

A picture is worth a thousand words
Learn how to tell a story through the art of photography

Come along to explore essential camera skills, what different camera settings mean, and how to take better photos. Each artist will learn the secrets behind lighting a good photograph, and how images are made in the camera and the darkroom. This is a practical introduction to photography, not video or image-editing course (so no Photoshop!), focusing on the core skills for any budding photographer to master. 

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Photography - Age 11 - 13

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Each day will involve a mix of looking at photographs, learning how to apply essential photographic skills to different subjects, and taking and improving our photos. We will encourage you to look for photos around you, and use cameras, composition, framing, and lighting with confidence. We will explore the techniques great photographers use.  

Projects will include close-ups, group photos, buildings, man-made objects, nature, and use of the darkroom or studio.  

At the end of the course, you should have a collection of photos, from which you can select the best ones to keep and treasure.   

If you are thinking of studying for a GCSE or Nat 5 in fine art or photography, this will help you be a more confident photographer.  

David Healey has many years experience within the marketing and photography industry. He learned photography at school; has tutored and mentored students up to A Level in practical photographic skills (digital and film), and has been the photographer, at two of the King Edward VI schools in Birmingham.

He has also been a volunteer photographer at Lichfield Cathedral and written for the photographic press. He was awarded an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society, and chaired their Analogue [film and darkroom] Group.

We will provide an iPad to everyone attending to use for the duration of the course.

If you would like to use your own device, that is no problem. Feel free to bring along your own smartphone camera, tablet, or another camera. Any devices brought in will be your responsibility to always keep safe. At the beginning of every session your camera battery must be fully charged, and have lots of memory space to store any photos that you take each day.

Wear sensible clothing and shoes, and bring a waterproof, small rucksack, and a drinks bottle for going on any organised photographic outings/walks in the locality.