Film Academy Age 7 - 11

1 week camp

Lights, Camera, Action!
Learn all the behind the camera secrets to become the next Spielberg
Through storytelling and filmmaking concepts, children will be introduced to stop-motion film and learn how to use short videos and clips to make their very own. 

Throughout the week children will be working with friends, using props such as Lego and Playdoh. They will create their own storyline, film videos and create stop-motion film. They will become the producer and director all in one week!

Early Bird and Late Pick Up Sessions are included
Camp runs between 9am - 5pm, however, all children are welcome to join our Multi-Activity Camp 8am - 6pm each day. Allowing you the flexibility to drop off between 8am - 9am and pick up between 5pm - 6pm. These sessions will be flexible depending on your child's interests, including fun games, quieter activities and the chance to wake up or wind down. 

10 Arboretum Road, EH3 5PL £165.00

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Film Academy - Age 7 - 11

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Day 1: watching short videos or clips and discussing storytelling and filmmaking concepts + start pre-production (developing own story idea and drawing storyboard).
Day 2: Pre-production (finish storyboard and build set/set up equipment) and start production.
Day 3 - 4: Production (filming and recording sound/dialogue) and post production (editing).
Day 5: Post-production (finish last editing) and in the afternoon we will watch the films.

Ms Vicky Hansen is currently working at EA as the Careers Adviser and Assistant Librarian. Vicky used to teach English Language and Literature to Secondary School pupils in the Netherlands. However, her background lies in the filmmaking, having both studied film in the US and Denmark and worked in the film industry in the Netherlands.

  • All equipment and props will be provided but children are welcome to bring props from home
  • Lunch may be added for additional cost or children may bring their own packed lunch
  • Morning and Afternoon snack
  • Water bottle